My only goal is just to be

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i’m byesexual as in bye don’t touch me

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i really need to be with my sister right now but i wanna be with old her, not 16 year old her bc she’s in a punk fuck-the-system tumblr-omg-feels music elitist phase right now and thats not the mali that i need i just need mali when we were like eight and ten and i miss her a lot

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thees ees a deeeesAAAAAster

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yes mom. okay mom I’m shutting it down. its saving. no mom its sAVING THE GAME I CANT SHUT IT DOWN NO MOM JUST WAIT FOR IT TO SAVE I AM SHUTTING IT DOWN

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when louis’ voice cracks when he sings and u feel a little closer to god

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i have literally lost all motivation for reading and i fucking hate myself for it

i want to want to read

but i just dont

i cant even bring myself to finish reading the lost hero and im so angry bc i really want to find out more about the people at camp half blood and the roman camp and i wanna know leo better but i dont fucking want to /read/

literally what the fuck im so angry at myself

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Clean shaven louis is my life

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"Your too fat."

"I didn’t know [insert character] was black!"

"Why don’t you do more black cosplays?"

"Cosplay to your size!"

"I don’t think that looks right on you, why don’t you cosplay [insert character] instead?"

"Why is [insert character] black? They’re not black in the show."

"You shouldn’t cross-play, it looks weird on you."

"Your boobs are too big for [insert character]."

To everyone who as ever posted a comment or question like this, my answer:

I am a black plus size female cosplayer, if you don’t like it… well honestly I don’t care. The more you comment like an idiot, the more it feeds my will power to prove I’m an amazing cosplayer, not matter what you say. I may have days, or even weeks when I feel down about myself, but that will never stop me from doing what I love. I may have large boobs, chubby stomach, double chin, hair on my face, dark spots around my face and body, and a flat butt, but I rock any cosplay I put on. So grow up, and get out of my face. <3

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Fighting for Women’s Rights.

 Amanda (astudyofwings) & Emily (mercutiyo)

Hi guys! So Emily and I are raising money for NOW, a women’s rights organization. We want each of you that read this to become aware that women inequality is a major issue in the entire world. Below is the reason why we decided to do this, and what this organization is all about


 Even though, it has been years since the protest in 1920 for women’s rights in New York, women are still fighting all over the world for their freedom and proper human rights. The National Organization of Women is a association that wants to empower women all over the world, whether it be in the middle east, where many girls aren’t aloud to leave their home with out a male escort and face many threats and dangers every day; or if its in the middle of the south in the United States where men are paid 30 cents more then the average women.

 Our goal is too raise 200 dollars by May 3rd, these two hundred dollars will be donated to NOW and used to bring awareness to this topic, and used to give housing, food, and supplies to these women in need.

 We believe this is an important topic to raise money for simply because more then half of the population is made up of females, therefore when there is a large gap between the genders – we should know that there is a problem that should be approached.

 Sadly, the government hasn’t done much to stop this large gap, which means we must take it upon ourselves to rise up and fight for equality together.

It would be a huge help, and super fantastic if you could donate and help us reach our goal of $200! Thanks!
Photos taken by: Brigite Reis 
Edited by: Amanda (astudyofwings)
Information written by: Emily (mercutiyo)

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remember that time i didn’t have that much acne and decided to take a selfie

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*tips fedora at john green* m’etaphor

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Movies that constantly go back and forth between being too loud and too quiet